Radical and revolutionary. The Heesen 65m is the world’s largest fast displacement yacht. Put simply, this is the most significant advance in the design of large luxury motor yacht performance. A 30 per cent increase in hull efficiency means 20 per cent less power is required throughout the speed spectrum – and less power used means less fuel used.
Heesen 65米游艇是激进与革命性的。该艇是世界最大速排游艇。简而言之,这是大型机动游艇性能设计史上最重要的进步。船体效率提高百分之30,意味着整个时速范畴中均可减少使用百分之20马力-减少马力即等于减少使用燃料。
The top speed of 27 knots, a 20 knot cruising speed and a 4.200 nautical mile range provide top performance for length, combined with completely Dutch custom-built levels of luxury.
最高时速27节,巡航时速20节,续航能力4200海里,这标志着该长度游艇的顶级性能,此外,该艇还提供完全依照荷兰标准定制的奢华体验 。
Outdoor space is simply enormous including a 20m sundeck, and a duplex beach club that occupies 25 per cent of the main and lower decks. A touch and go helipad is situated on the foredeck. Up to 12 guests sleep in custom-built interiors, including a full-beam master suite with private balcony and a VIP suite on the upper deck.
Devised by Van Oossanen Naval Architects and applied by Heesen for the first time in the design of the 65 metre motoryacht, the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) allows Galactica Star to perform more efficiently over a wider range of speeds than any other yacht in her class.
速排船体形态(FDHF)是由 Van Oossanen Naval Architects 操刀设计,并首次在 Heesen 出品的65 米机动游艇上应用的。它使得 Galactica Star 的性能优越于任何其它同级别游艇,在各个速度段均体现出更高的效率,速度范畴也更广。
In naval architecture, an “efficient” hull is one with the least amount of hydrodynamic resistance. A conventional displacement hull works well at low speeds, but resistance increases sharply at higher speeds. A fast semi-displacement hull, on the other hand, is inefficient at low speeds when the transom tends to sink deeper in the water.
Although the details are a closely guarded secret, the ingenious solution behind the FDHF concept was to take a specific bulbous bow and combine it with a slender fore body and a shallow transom area that is barely submerged. Moreover, the gently rising buttocks that provide the shallow transom mean more room for bigger and more efficient propellers. A mixture of classic naval architecture and the very latest technology, Galactica Star’s innovative hull form is the key to her efficiency and performance.
Van Oossanen Naval Architects worked closely with the Heesen technical team to convert these characteristics into a buildable superyacht, especially as Galactica Star is the first of its kind. The product of this collaboration is a unique hull form that combines the low-speed efficiency of a full displacement motoryacht with the maximum speed associated with a semi-displacement vessel.
尽管细节仍然是严格保密的,速排船体形态(FDHF)概念背后的奇智巧思还是告诉世人,这一解决方案是将特殊的球鼻船艏与纤细的前部船身和吃水很浅,几乎不没在水下的过梁相结合。微微翘起的船尾使过梁吃水很浅,意味着有更大空间可以安装更大更高效的螺旋桨。这是经典造船工程与最先进技术的结合, Galactica Star 的创新船体形态是她优越性能与效率背后的关键。
Van Oossanen Naval ArchitectsHeesen 的技术团队紧密合作,将这些特点实际地结合到一艘全新的超级游艇上,尤其使得 Galactica Star 傲视群侪。这一合作创造了世界上独一无二的新船体形态,既有全排机动游艇在低速航行时的高效率,又有半排船只能够达到的最高速度。
At first glance Galactica Star looks radically different from any other Heesen, but on closer inspection the exterior styling by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects reveals telltale motifs that are part and parcel of the Heesen brand heritage. With its clean and contemporary lines and just a hint of historic Heesen in its classic fashion plates and famous ‘pelican’ bow, the development of the exterior styling followed a procedure that has been developed over many years of collaboration between Omega Architects and Heesen Yachts.
Frank Laupman spent five years as an in-house designer with Heesen before setting up Omega Architects and he has been intimately involved in creating most of the yachts delivered by the shipyard since then. His earliest drawings reveal a superstructure profile with very few overhangs that rises to an apex amidships, creating a balanced form that is underscored by windows with edges inclined towards the radar mast.
一眼望去,Galactica Star 与其它 Heesen 游艇截然不同,但细细观察就会发现外部风格设计由 Omega ArchitectsFrank Laupman 操刀,作为 Heesen 品牌形象一部分的标志性纹样贯穿全艇。她拥有简洁现代的线条,还有一丝传统的 Heesen 味道,反映在经典时尚的面板和著名的“鹈鹕”船艏上。外部风格的设计开发遵循了多年来由 Omega ArchitectsHeesen 携手开发的程序。
Frank Laupman之前曾在 Heesen 担任专属设计师五年,后来他建立了 Omega Architects 设计事务所,并自那时至今密切参与了 Heesen 大多数游艇的创造过程。他的早期图纸中,船只上层结构的轮廓仅有极少突出部位,船只的最高点位于中部,使船只形态平衡,而向雷达天线倾斜的舷窗边缘强调了这一特点。
Low and sleek, it avoids the stacked look of many superyachts and the horizontal length of the hull is highlighted by the graceful arches or flying buttresses in the stern that initiate a line extending all the way to the tip of the bow. To improve circulation flow, Laupman avoided the temptation to go wide body and opted for walk-around companionways on the upper deck and much of the main deck. The recesses created in this way provide a play of light and shadow by pushing in volumes, rather than pulling them out.
“Simplicity is always better than complexity, but it’s hard to kick stuff out of your own design,” says Frank Laupman. It is a discipline defined in the extraordinarily elegant profileof Galactica Star – a Heesen unlike any other before it, but still recognisably a Heesen.
船只重心低而线条流畅,并未重蹈很多超级游艇累赘繁琐的外形覆辙。由船艉向船艏延伸的优雅弧度或飞扶壁强调了船体的水平长度。为改善循环流动,Laupman 规避了宽船体的诱惑,选择了在上层甲板及主甲板的大部分空间安装升降步梯。这样创造出的空间提供了更多光影交互,这是依靠容积的收进,而非拉宽。
“简洁永远胜于复杂,但从自己的设计中剔除一些元素总是很难,”Frank Laupman 说。Galactica Star 极其优雅的轮廓是对这一规则的极好定义—这艘 Heesen 游艇,前无古人,却仍传承 Heesen 血脉。
The renowned Bannenberg & Rowell design studio developed a striking form language aboard Galactica Star based on a select palette of materials and textures brought together in bold and sometimes surprising combinations. “We were given a free rein to develop a new design language that is taut and disciplined, yet also flows throughout the interior from one space to another,” says Simon Rowell, studio partner and creative director.
Bannenberg & Rowell 是一家知名的设计师事务所,设计师们借助一系列精选色彩与材质,大胆而令人惊叹的组合,开发出了 Galactica Star 上惊艳的风格语言。事务所合伙人、创意总监 Simon Rowell 说,“我们得以放开手脚开发一种严谨规范的设计语言,尽管如此,这一语言仍然可以自由地在全船内部每个空间流动。”
There is no shortage of signature B&R motifs, such as their penchant for symmetry and geometric shapes, but aboard Galactica Star these elements have taken on a three-dimensional identity by being absorbed into the fitted furniture. Despite being complex in concept, the end result appears surprisingly simple, which is arguably the secret behind all good design.
船上随处可见标志性的 B&R 纹样,比如对对称和几何图形的追求。但在 Galactica Star 上,这些元素拥有了崭新的三维立体特性,因为它们体现在了立体的固定家具上。尽管概念有些复杂,最终的简洁效果却令人惊叹。这其实可以说是一切优秀设计背后的秘密。
The studio selected the palette of materials and finishes to provide contrast in tone and texture. It draws on precious hardwoods like macassar ebony and wenge, but also more unusual timbers such as silver oiled oak, rippled sycamore and brushed spruce. A striking contrast appears in the banded panelling of grey rippled sycamore and mid-toned wenge with a satin finish in the main salon. The same striped veneers are used on the doors with silvered Texalium detailing. This fibreglass fabric has an ultra-thin surface coating of aluminium that looks like carbon fibre to complement the warm wood tones.
事务所选择不同的材料和饰面来提供色彩与材质的对比。使用到的珍贵硬木包括檀木和鸡翅木,但也有更不寻常的银油橡木、波纹悬铃木和拉丝云杉。灰色带状镶板波纹悬铃木和中间色调的丝缎光泽云杉在主沙龙形成了一个鲜明的对比。相同的条纹贴面也出现在门上,镶有镀银 Texalium 细节。这种玻璃纤维织物具有超薄铝表面涂层,看起来像碳纤维,与温暖的木质色调相辅相成。
A tone-on-tone application also governs the three varieties of marble: white Carrara, mid-brown Gris De Santa and a rich, dark brown Grecale stone. The latter, in particular, has an intriguing wood-like grain that contrasts with the purity of the white Carrara marble.
这种不同色调对比使用的方式也用于三种不同的大理石材:白色 Carrara 大理石,中等棕色 Gris De Santa 和色彩饱和度很高的深褐色 GRECALE 大理石。特别是后者,有着耐人寻味的木样颗粒,与白色Carrara大理石的纯粹形成鲜明对比。
“We wanted to come up with a fresh, graceful and exciting style that complemented the contemporary exterior lines,” concludes studio principal Dickie Bannenberg, who has inherited his famous father’s non-conformist approach to yacht design.
“我们希望拿出一个清新、优雅、激动人心的风格,与船体现代的外观线条相辅相成,”工作室首席设计师 Dickie Bannenberg 的父亲是著名游艇设计师,他也继承了乃父不墨守成规的风格。
Galactica Star’s interior and exterior layout and luxurious facilities have been designed with flexibility in mind to suit even the most discerning charter clients. Attempts to contain the size of the superstructure, for example, means it has a relatively small footprint in relation to the length of the hull, which left correspondingly more space for outdoor social spaces.
Galactica Star 的内外部配置和奢华的设施满足了灵活的设计初衷,可以适应最博闻广识的包船客人提出的任何要求。举例来说,设计师尝试收缩上层结构的体积,意味着与同长度船体的其它游艇相比,她的足迹更为轻盈,这样一来就可以为室外社交空间提供更大的施展机会。
Perhaps the most impressive of these exterior spaces is the main aft deck with its rigid awning of tinted glass providing welcome shade for the seating area next to the pool. In addition to the 106 sq/m sundeck with its bar and jacuzzi, there is also the 64 sq/m living area on the foredeck that doubles as a touch-and-go helipad.
外部空间中最为令人惊叹的应该就是主甲板后部了,这里安装了硬顶染色玻璃,为泳池边的座椅位置提供了令人愉悦的荫凉。除了配有酒吧和冲浪按摩浴池的 106 平方米的阳光甲板以外,前甲板还有 64 平方米的起居空间,这里同时也可用作即停即飞式直升机坪。
Another prime onboard space is the beach club. By locating the tenders and toys in the forward garage, nearly 80 sq/m were freed up on the lower aft deck. In addition to the transom door that folds down to create the swim platform, there is a second shell door that does the same on the port side of the hull to maximise the floor plan and access to the water. Moreover, the large pool on the main deck immediately above has a glass bottom, providing dappled illumination that is tinged blue by the water. With its casual furniture, bar, sauna and general seaside atmosphere, all that’s missing on this idyllic ‘beach’ is the sand.
With accommodation for 12 guests in four lower deck cabins, a VIP suite on the bridge deck and the master suite on the main deck, along with ample casual and formal dining areas both inside and outside, Galactica Star provides unprecedented comfort and 5-star service for the perfect charter cruise.
下层甲板有四间客舱,飞桥甲板有一间贵宾舱,主人套舱则位于主甲板,可以居住 12 位客人。室内外均有充足小食或正餐区域,Galactica Star 作为完美的包船选择,可以提供史无前例的舒适及五星级的服务。
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