The Revolving Room is a special installation by Patricia Urquiola which celebrated the designer's first textile collection with Kvadrat; as well as her 2013 (and existing) furniture products for Italian manufacturer Moroso. Approximately 50 three-sided fabric covered panels were positioned around the perimeter of Moroso's Milan showroom during Design Week, revealing embroidered graphics (both abstract and concrete forms) as they randomly turned, offering a visual and audio playground for visitors.
Urquiola has developed a curtain and upholstery collection for Kvadrat which consists of six designs: Grid 1 + 2, Matrix, Memory, Drops and Winding, all of which combine sophisticated color, tactility and a strong sense of depth and volume.
photo © Alessandro Paderni
Grid 1+2 and Memory have been realized as upholstery textiles, while Matrix can be used for both furniture applications as well as for curtains. Memory has a heightened tangibility and resilience. Woven with bouclé yarns, the thickness of the threads vary to create a textured surface--the background is the less dense layer of the fabric, in which contrasting colors emerge. Finally Drops and Winding are conceived as window coverings decorated in colored strips that run from selvedge to selvedge, and which pop against a transparent background.
photo © Alessandro Paderni
Klara chair and Clarissa armchair by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso
photo © Alessandro Paderni
Behind The Revolving Room, a series of philips luminous textile panels were set-up, covered in the new fabrics, projecting a short film depicting the slow motion movement of revolving objects to further emphasize this notion of 'randomness' in combination with the order and continuity found within textile production.
drawing of the Revolving Room
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